Convicted Felon Elliott Dolin of Dolin Estate Wines, Federal Bureau of Prisons


Elliott Dolin of Dolin Estate wines is a convicted felon, caught by the Feds & FBI in an international money laundering FRAUD scheme whereby millions of Dollars were illegally funding the Yeshiva & Spinka cult with 90% of it being returned to the “donors” such as fraudulent Elliot Dolin in ILLEGAL kickbacks “under the table” and an IRS fraud.

Elliot Dolin was incarcerated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons at Taft Prison for his felony conviction, and is a CONVICTED FELON for life!

Both his partners also went to Prison for the same thing, David Hager and Adam Milstein. Google “David Hager FBI” and you will also see the same fraud Elliott Dolin perpetrated and went to prison for!

Elliott Dolin now now runs an ultra small winery at which produces a cheap white wine, likely based on his skills learned while he was in prison for his Federal Crimes, for which now Elliot Dolin is a criminal and Convicted Felon for life !

You can see the entire 34+ files on Elliot Dolin felony conviction on the Los Angeles court website as the entire case is public information and accessible.

Or you can also review most of the files here or on by clicking this link.

Elliott Dolin Prison Release


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